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Our Mission

We are bringing travel into the future Web3 world. ✈️  

We are creating an exclusive Web3 Travel Community.

Launching innovative NFTs to build one of the best Web3 travel brands in the world. 

Giving NFT holders exclusive access to unique experiences and discounts to real world travel partners. 

We are building real Web3 infrastructure for users and existing brands to use to help adoption of the web3 space 




To be the best Web3 travel brand in the world. Making travel more accessible and easier. By breaking down complex barriers so travel can be simple and enjoyable again



Establish Plug and Play modules for any travel company to adopt our technology to help build web3 infrastrucure 



Allow Users to hold all their loyalty points/currencies in one central wallet and exchange them into the our native token



Exclusive access to the 1st Metaverse Lounge

50% Secondary Sales in Community Wallet

Community Ownership of Blue Chip NFTs

Access to The Flying High Club NFT Incubator 

Generate $FLY Tokens

Discount with Real World Travel Partners 

Exclusive Once in Lifetime Holiday Giveaways

A years Carbon Offset for Each Individual Owner





10,000 Digital Flight Route created as NFTs on the Polygon blockchain.

Comprised of 3 Tiers BLACK. GOLD. SILVER

These are the 10,000 most popular flight routes in the world based on frequency and every time a commercial flight flies that route you are rewarded with our native token




Launch of The Flying High Club Discord to build the world best web3 travel community


Ready for Take-Off

10,000 Unique flight routes,  1000 Black Routes, 3000 Golden Routes, 6000 Silver Routes



Buy Land in the Metaverse and begin work on building the first Metaverse Lounge with exclusive access to NFT Holders Only


The Creation of The Future Travel Currency $FLY token, Initially Earnt exclusively to Genesis NFT Holders

10,000 FEET 

Launch Exclusive Flying High Club Travel Clothing Line including other Travel Merch

20,000 FEET

Partnership with upcoming NFT projects via the Flying High Club Incubator with exclusive whitelist spots for NFT Holders


On-Boarding Real World Travel Partners with exclusive discounts and ways to Earn and Burn $FLY token

  • What is The Flying High Club?
    We are the first web3 travel brand with objective of becoming the most valuable travel community and travel brand in the world. Its ambitious but 100% possible because we are really looking to transform the travel space using innovative web3 technologies. . We will look to do this in various ways; - With our own NFT collection - Building Web3 Infrastructure to help every traveler in the world of Web3 - Helping existing Travel Brands enter the Web3 Space
  • What is an NFT?
    An NFT (Non-Fungible Token), is a unique, identifiable digital asset stored on the blockchain. An NFT could be a piece of digital artwork, a collectible, or even a digital representation of a real-life physical asset. Blockchains, which act as digital ledgers, verify ownership, provenance, and transaction history.
  • What is The Flying High Club NFT?
    Our Collection consists of 10,000 Flight routes, these are divided into 3 rarity types, each will have their own unique benefits for holders. Black – 1000 Gold – 3000 Silver - 6000
  • What Blockchain will the collection be on?
    The Blockchain we have chosen for our collection is the Polygon network. With fast transaction speeds, low gas fees for users and a low carbon footprint. We feel that this blockchain allows us to stay true to why we were setup. provising value and low fees to our community and having a sustainable footprint.
  • How do I Mint a Flying High Club NFT?
    We will share all details of when and how our community can purchase our NFT soon, to stay up to date check out our discord and follow our twitter
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